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A Little Dose of Hope

“If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant.”
Anne Bradstreet

As I drove this morning to pick up a friend, it hit me square in the face. There was this huge, bright ball in the sky…. and I just smiled. There is still a sun.

I always seem to struggle this time of year. The gray of endless cloudy days, long nights and no color provide little spark to my imagination. One day folds into the next until I can’t put my finger on when the malaise started. Life just becomes fuzzy.

And then there is a morning like today. A big dose of sunshine, a clear blue sky, a crisp walk with the dog and somewhere deep inside, I find hope again. Hope that under the dirty snow that still blankets the neighborhood, there is a beginning of something new.

The daffodils are  months away from showing their sunny faces. But for a few minutes today, with a little warmth on my cheeks, I could see them again. And that’s all I need to hang on to hope. So, thanks Mr. Sun. And this time, don’t stay away so long.


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